Here at Graham-Simon Plumbing, we offer NuFlow lining as the best solution for pipeline problems. Customers can trust in our experienced technicians to deliver high-quality results and ensure that their homes remain intact in the process. Our repair processes incorporate trenchless technology to preserve your landscaping and uses solutions that are faster to install and more effective.

Graham-Simon Plumbing is the only provider of sewer pipe lining in North Central, WV utilizing Nu Flow’s technology. Graham-Simon Plumbing uses a revolutionary way of replacing sewer pipes and is another one of our “no dig” solutions that spares your yard from being trenched to access your sewer pipes.

Getting access to those damaged sewer pipes can be a real mess, especially if those sewer lines are running under driveways or other above ground objects on your yard that may be covering those drain lines that may need to be moved or destroyed to access your sewer system. Sewer pipe repair using this high-tech solution allows you to forget the digging, and get your life back to normal faster!

NuFlow lining is our preferred choice for pipeline repairs. The new pipeline material that we install combined with NuFlow technology can last for several decades with proper maintenance and care, ensuring that our customers don’t need to worry about frequent repairs in their lifetime. Our solutions don’t produce a large carbon footprint as no dangerous gases or chemicals are released during this process. As a more eco-friendly, convenient solution for our customers, we are proud to offer services that go beyond simply fixing the problem.

In order for our services to achieve this, we first conduct an inspection of the pipes through either one or two access points, which are either small holes that connect to the pipes or nearby manholes. As the camera is navigated throughout the pipelines, our technicians can take note of damaged sections of the pipe and find issues such as clogs, leaks, cracks, and holes. If NuFlow lining has been recommended based on the damage found, our technicians will clean the pipes of any clogs or waste buildup to prepare the pipe for the lining process. Hydro jetting is the preferred method that we use to clean the pipes as it not only washes away clogs, it also scrubs the surface of the walls, forcefully removing waste accumulation and debris. This restores the pipeline to its original, smooth diameter and allows our NuFlow lining process to be fully effective.

A liner coated with a special epoxy resin is set in place and inflated to adopt the shape of the pipe, allowing the resin to be evenly applied to the walls and cover spots of corrosion, leaks, and cracks. The resin needs at least a few hours or more to cure, though this process can be sped up by applying hot water. After it hardens, a new pipe has been created within the old one, and before we leave, our technicians will include a final inspection to make sure that the installation went smoothly. The new pipeline material is impervious to common sewer line issues such as root intrusion, cracks, waste buildup, mineral deposits, and leaks. As a result, the flow of wastewater will be significantly improved and support the sewer system with its efficiency and reliability.

At Graham-Simon Plumbing, we are certified to install NuFlow linings and with our combination of reliable technicians and expertise, we have the solutions you need to restore your pipelines and ensure that your sewer system functions properly. Call us today to learn more about how our NuFlow lining services can assist you.