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What to Consider Before Plumbing Renovations

Graham-Simon Plumbing, Clarksburg, Bridgeport, Morgantown Plumbing Renovation
Plumbing Renovations: What to consider.

Have you recently noticed incisive leaks in your kitchen? What about the water coming out of the taps, is it no longer clean as it usually is? Or maybe your piping system experiences unprecedented blockages? Or you just think it is time to change the old rusty pipes running around the house? Well, if you have or is currently experiencing these situations then what you need is a renovation of your plumbing system. A home’s plumbing system is an intricate additive to the house’s livability and general appeal. Therefore, if you are looking to renovate the plumbing system, there are specific factors that you must take into consideration lest you end up making changes that make the situation worse.

Graham-Simon Plumbing, Clarksburg, Bridgeport, Morgantown Plumbing Renovations

Perhaps the most critical factor to consider is the timing. It is advisable to not wait until the very last minute before the plumbing upgrade to contact a plumber. In fact, it is essential to contact an experienced plumber as soon as you start having the thoughts of making renovations to your plumbing system. Why is this early consultation essential? Houses, especially those built in the 1900’s have plumbing systems whose pipes are narrower than the ones currently used in modern homes. Therefore, a consultation beforehand prevents you from destroying something that might become exceedingly expensive to restore. Moreover, without a plumber’s expert advice in advance of the scheduled upgrade, it would be challenging to know the exact aspects of the system to be upgraded.

Plumbing upgrades are costly depending on the nature and the extent of the upgrade. If you need to change the positions of individual features like kitchen sinks, toilets and bathtubs then it would be wise to get a budget estimate in advance. With a budget estimate at hand, it would be easy to work out the rough estimate of the total renovations. Furthermore, it is crucial that you know the range of the cost of the upgrades so that you make an adequate budget and not end up with a half-done upgrade. Therefore, it is important to contact a certified plumber and enquire about the current costs of the features that you would like to change or move.

Graham-Simon Plumbing, Clarksburg, Bridgeport, Morgantown Plumbing Renovation

However, if you are looking to move different plumbing features around the house, then it is advisable that you change the pipes as well. For instance, if you decided to change the position of the kitchen sink or the shower then you would need to reroute some core pipes around the house. Rerouting the pipes would ensure that the systematic layout of the plumbing system is not jeopardized such that they do not pose an inconvenience to other parts of the house. Remember, a good and organized plumbing system adds value to your home. But, it is not just about rerouting them you need to get new pipes to mitigate against the risk of unprecedented leaks only a few days after the upgrade. If you are worried about the extra cost of buying new pipes, I’ll have you know that it would be minimal. By contracting the right plumber for yourrenovations, you save yourself time and money by getting it completed correctly the first time. Accordingly, the total upgrade will be less costly as opposed to moving features and setting pipes at different times because labor takes a considerable chunk of the total overall cost.

Graham-Simon Plumbing, Clarksburg, Bridgeport, Morgantown Plumbing Renovation

Getting a decent plumbing system upgrade for your home should not be a difficult undertaking. Just make sure you consult a licensed technician beforehand, get a budget estimate for the most significant features and ensure you upgrade the pipes if you decide to move elements around the house. Follow these tips, and you will have a home that is enjoyable to live in and now has a higher market value.

Garbage Disposals: Using yours properly

Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal should probably be called something else. The name more or less implies you can feed just about anything into the appliance, turn it on and it’s gone. The fact is, it’s not quite that simple and homeowners should exercise care about what they try to dispose of or they risk damaging the appliance and having to call a plumber. Here’s a short course in Garbage Disposal 101 that will help you keep your unit in good working order.

How the Garbage Disposal Works

First, there are no blades chopping up food into tiny bits. Instead, metal impellers that look like lugs spin on a plate, and by centrifugal force, they grind waste against a stationary ring, breaking it down into a virtual liquid. Turning on the water flushes particles out of the ring, then out of the disposal, and into the wastewater pipe.

Don’t Put These in the Disposal

The list of things not to put in the disposal is long, but here are some basic items to avoid:

  • Paper, metal, glass or plastic
  • Animal bones
  • Grease or oil
  • Cigarette butts
  • Fibrous food such as corn husks, potato peels, celery stalks, onion skins. These can entangle the impellers and stop the motor.
  • Expandable, starchy food such as pasta or bread
  • Coffee grounds and egg shells don’t hurt the disposal, but can accumulate in pipes and cause plumbing problems.
Other Tips

Feed small portions of food into the disposal a bit at a time, running COLD water continuously.

Keep the water running at least 15 seconds after grinding is complete so it flushes out remaining particles.

To clean the disposal, flush it with water and borax. Also grind up small slices of lemons and ice cubes to prevent bad odors.

Always remember, to never put your hand into a garbage disposal to attempt to remove a jam or clog. If your disposal is jammed, use the Allen wrench orafice on the bottom of the disposal to remove the jam. If you still are having issues once this step is completed, please contact us, and we would be happy to assist you.